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Difficult Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue Services

Global Mountain Solutions provides only the highest qualified Emergency Rescue Technicians. Our emergency rescue technicians have an ability to respond to almost any emergency situation when dealing with complex work environments at height or in challenging terrain. GMS rescue teams pride themselves on working together as one cohesive team to provide a professional rescue service that always puts the client first.

GMS offers all levels of emergency care in the field from basic first aid to advanced life support as well as emergency physicians and nurses. We provide on site medical personnel and equipment for remote locations and difficult to access terrain. All of our medical personnel have an adept ability to travel in difficult terrain and access high-hazard work zones in a safe timely manner. We pride ourselves on responding to any emergency in a calm professional manner.GMS rescue technicians are in the business of managing risk and working within an acceptable risk tolerance that is focused around certification, training and continuing professional development.





Helicopter Longline Rescue Services

Helicopter Longline Rescue also known as Human External Cargo (HEC), Class D fixed line (CDFL), Human External Transport System (HETS) or Short Haul Rescue

Helicopter long line rescue systems can offer rapid rescue response and reduced risk exposure over traditional land rescue based techniques in remote, high angle terrain or difficult to access work sites.

Employers have an obligation to provide timely rescue and medical aid to injured workers. In remote work environments HEC capability can make all the difference.

Helicopter rescue techniques follow a risk analysis based approach and may be utilized where a victim is not easily accessible, or cannot easily be transported to a vehicle or helicopter-landing pad. This is often the situation in high angle, rugged, mountainous or remote locations. GMS Rescue Technicians are highly trained, practiced and experienced operating in these environments.

Helicopter Long-Line Rescue Services Offered:

  • Audit and provide recommendations for improvements to your rescue programs
  • Setup HEC Rescue capabilities
  • Provide HEC Rescue Equipment
  • Provide Rescue Technicians and Integrate with Project Air Carrier
  • Train and Certify Rescue Operatives, Pilots, and Air Carriers for HEC operations as required

GMS complies with all regulatory requirements, and meets industry best practices outlined by the Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC). GMS Technicians can provide project wide rescue services, incorporating land and air response plans.  This includes building Emergency Response and Rescue plans.

GMS Rescue Technicians have extensive working experience with pilots and helicopters. Each Rescue Technician holds a variety of Rescue and Risk Management Organizations memberships including:

  • WCB OFA 3 and Wilderness First Responders
  • Air Rescue Association of Canada
  • International Federation Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA)
  • American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA)
  • Industrial Rope Access Trades Association (IRATA)
  • Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT)
  • Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG)
  • Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA)
  • Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC)