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Mountain Safety

Global Mountain Solutions operate in the world's most challenging environments, where careful planning, hard work and innovative problem solving achieve success for industrial clients. GMS's reputation is built on demanding mountain projects completed on time and on budget. We not only keep people and equipment safe but we add to the operational efficiency of your program. If you need to complete work in difficult, remote, or mountainous terrain, GMS can incorporate our Difficult Terrain Safety Services into your operations easily in order to complete work safely and efficiently.

At GMS we offer the following Mountain Safety Services:

  • Terrain and Risk Assessments
  • Facilitated Access
  • Seismic Mountaineering Services
  • Field Operation Services
  • Helicopter Long-Line Rescue
  • Ground Based Rescue

GMS is dedicated specifically to providing difficult terrain management expertise to industry. Our staff meld the knowledge and experiences through a variety of international rope access, mountain rescue, professional mountain guiding and risk management organizations including the following:

  • International Federation Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA)
  • International Mountain Rescue Association (IKAR)
  • American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA)
  • Industrial Rope Access Trades Association (IRATA)
  • Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT)
  • Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG)
  • Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA)
  • Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC)

GMS is COR certified and we are also members of industrial HSE third party groups ISNET, PICS, CanQual. We hold ten million dollar liability and errors/omissions insurance. Additionally, we are members of the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC) and the Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors (CAGC) for our work within the Geophysical Seismic Industry.

GMS Technicians

Global Mountain Solutions has a proven international track record and continues to set the highest standards for comprehensive training programs, professional certification, industry professionalism and client services. Managing risk and solving problems in difficult and mountainous terrain is our business. Each GMS technician hold a current minimum 80-hour first aid certification as well as in-house recurrent mountain, rescue, and helicopter training. All GMS Technicians hold certification through a variety of professional mountain guiding and risk management organizations as mentioned above.