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CASE STUDY: Williamsport, Pennsylvania


Global Mountain Solutions provided Emergency Response Services including Helicopter Long-Line Rescue Services for a multi-project  3D seismic acquisition that was focussed on finding resources in the Marcellus Shale region. Value-added services such as risk assessments, facilitated access/guiding, and mountain safety awareness training were also implemented as the project progressed. This project was completed in North-Eastern U.S. year round throughout 2009 to 2013.

Client Type: Seismic Acquisition
What:  Heavy forested 3D Seismic Project (Multiple)
Where: North-Eastern U.S.
When: Year Round- 2009-2013


  • Emergency Response Services
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Terrain Analysis & Risk Analysis/Mitigation
  • Helicopter Long-Line Rescue for heavily forested remote work sites.
  • Expedited emergency response times meeting or exceeding client “golden hour” objectives
  • Facilitated Access/Guiding workers through difficult terrain
  • Mountain Safety Awareness Training


  • Provided increased level of project safety
  • Provided one centralized rescue team that supported multiple project sites
  • Reduced overall project costs by eliminating the need to have multiple rescue crews at each work-site
  • GMS performed 10 rescues that included two life threatening situations that were completed successfully
  • Zero LTI’s or Fatalities

Customer Needs

Our client was working on a large multi-project 3D seismic acquisition which spanned across a wide area that was heavily forested, dense, and complex terrain in the Marcellus Shale region. As the project had various crews (survey, recording, drilling, etc.) working at multiple sites, traditional means of emergency response didn’t meet the project needs. As well, the project had strict line cutting restrictions that made it difficult to access and evacuate areas easily from the ground due to the complex terrain.

This was a heli-portable seismic acquisition program and in order to appropriately plan for emergency situations while covering a large geographic area, GMS was brought on to supply Helicopter Long-Line Rescue services.


GMS provided Emergency Response services that met and exceeded the access/evacuation requirements of the project given the difficulty and challenges of the terrain. This included detailed Emergency Response Planning, Terrain/Risk Analysis, and Standby Helicopter Long-Line Rescue. GMS easily and effectively integrated with the project air carrier in order to provide one rescue program for all sites and locations involved in acquisition program.

As the program was located in the United States, GMS had to overcome Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) regulatory issues related to Helicopter Long-Line Rescue or Short Haul Rescue (as referred to in the U.S.). GMS mitigated this issue by finding a solution within the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that allowed for the use of Transport Canada approved systems in the United States.

GMS technicians are all experienced and certified to complete work in complex and mountainous terrain. As the project progressed, GMS had expertise and the capability to provide further services in order to assist with the successful and safe completion of the program. Additional value-added services included risk assessments, facilitated access/guiding, and mountain safety awareness training.


GMS provided emergency response services that increased the level of safety on the project that offered rapid response to emergency situations. Given the portability of our rescue program, GMS was able to provide one centralized rescue team to support multiple sites during project execution. This reduced overall project costs by eliminating the need to have multiple rescue crews at each work-site.

During the execution of the program, GMS performed 10 rescues that included two life threatening situations that were completed successfully. This meant getting the injured resources to hospital care within the golden hour of rescue, resulting in zero fatalities for the duration of the acquisition program.

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