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CASE STUDY: Voisey’s Bay, Newfoundland


Global Mountain Solutions (GMS) conducted a cable inspection using rope access techniques for a Mining company in Newfoundland in October, 2009.

Client Type: Mining
What:  Rope Access Cable Inspection
Where: Newfoundland, Canada
When: October 19-23, 2009


  • Created a safe work environment in difficult mountainous terrain
  • Conducted an inspection of communications cable using rope access techniques
  • Created a detailed emergency response plan for inspection activities
  • 2 years later, completed maintenance work on the cable


  • Created a safe work environment in difficult mountainous terrain
  • Captured GPS waypoints for ease during future work
  • Provided operational efficiencies in difficult terrain
  • No injuries or LTIs (Lost Time Injury)

Customer Needs

In today’s global market, communication is one of the most important tools used for successful businesses. The mine had their communications cable outside, above ground from the mine onto the bluff of the mountain. Due to the importance of both internal and external communications, the mine, wanted to conduct an inspection to obtain the current condition of the cable. This would allow for a clear understanding of the type of maintenance required for the cable as it is exposed to many elements.

Certain parts of the cable could be inspected by foot, however, the cable ran up the face of a Mountain and that area was inaccessible by foot or untrained personnel. GMS was hired to complete the inspection of the cable as it was located in mountainous terrain.


GMS completed a detailed inspection of the cable and captured the details of condition of the cable by filming the inspection, taking photo’s, and GPS waypoints were also captured for future work. Through this inspection, the company, was able to coordinate maintenance and fixes where required. Two years later, GMS was brought back to perform some maintenance and repairs to the cable that was located in the mountainous terrain.


By completing the inspection of the cable using rope access techniques, the inspection was completed in a cost effective, quick, and safe manner. As well as creating more efficient ways to conduct future work in that terrain by capturing key data points, marking landmarks appropriately, and adding in anchor’s to aide future work activities.

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