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CASE STUDY: Pemberton, British Columbia              


Global Mountain Solutions (GMS) recently supported the completion a transmission line installation. This project was completed in British Columbia from May 2014 - October 2015. They installed high voltage transmission line is owned by an independent energy company, and delivers power from one of their power projects.

Client Type: Electric
What: Transmission Lines Project
Where: British Columbia
When: May 2014 - October 2015


  • Terrain assessments
  • Difficult terrain Emergency Response Plan
  • On-site HETS rescue
  • Access creation - survey, trails, helipads, boundaries, hazard tree assessments
  • Facilitated access through rough terrain
  • Fall/Equipment protection
  • Mountain/Rope Access Awareness Training


  • Ability to complete the transmission line installation project
  • Created a safe work environment in difficult mountainous terrain
  • No injuries or LTI’s (Lost Time Injury)
  • Sections supported by GMS were completed ahead of schedule

Customer Needs

 Due to environmental restrictions, the transmission lines for the power project needed to be installed in a very difficult mountainous work site in order to have minimal impact on various animal habitats in the area.  Our client was contracted to complete the transmission line installation and was faced with two large issues. There was very limited and difficult access to the terrain, and rescue egress was almost impossible in the current state. The terrain was unfamiliar, unknown, and unworkable. Without GMS support this project would not been completed, this terrain was out of the project team's expertise and scope. Global Mountain Solutions specializes in this type of terrain and created a safe and efficient work environment in normally inaccessible terrain.


An initial terrain assessment was completed in order to understand the terrain, scope, and unique requirements for this project. Next was the creation and implementation of a detailed Difficult Terrain Emergency Response Plan (ERP) which included providing Helicopter Long Line (also known as HETS) rescue services.

GMS took on the planning and implementation of the access, safety and rescue program, therefore allowing Westpark to focus on other matters.The scope of worked was varied and adjusted to suit each phase of the project. It began with creating access trails, locating and constructing helipads, surveying structure locations and right of way boundaries, and completing hazard tree assessments. This work was done both by GMS technicians as well as trained specialists that GMS moved safely and efficiently through the terrain.

The next phase was to create and facilitate access, and access systems in order to protect workers and their equipment for work such as falling the trees in the right of way, and preparing the structure locations for poles. GMS staff implemented controls by combining WSBC recognized best practices such as Mountain Guiding and Rope Access techniques. As the project progressed, more services were implemented including rope access awareness training for any worker that would be exposed to the systems.


When GMS began on the project there was virtually no access to an entire segment of the project due to very difficult, mountainous, and practically inaccessible terrain. This was a massive hurdle for our client and without some way to safely work in this segment, building the transmission line would not have been possible.

GMS was able to create a safe work environment with this work site in order to install transmission lines end to end. Not only was an unworkable area made workable, the work in the segment was completed ahead of schedule with no LTI’s (lost time injuries).

GMS collaborates with the client needs and industry safety standards in order to create workable, safe environments in what others would see as inaccessible. 

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