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CASE STUDY: Cortez, Colorado


Global Mountain Solutions supported the completion of a large seismic project completed in the Western United States. This project was completed in Western United States over the course of 3 years and consisted of 3 different phases.

Client Type: Oil and Gas/Seismic Acquisition
What: Geophysical Seismic Project
Where: Western United States
When: November 2013 - February 2015


  • Terrain Assessment
  • Difficult Terrain Emergency Response Plan
  • Emergency rescue services including life support medic with field capabilities
  • Surveying
  • Mountain Safety Training


  • No injuries or LTI’s (Lost Time Injury)
  • Project was completed on schedule

Customer Needs

This project was located in difficult mountainous terrain in which resources participating in the project had numerous slips, trips, and falls, many of which were preventable. Difficult terrain is not only a safety concern but also has significant impact on productivity. From the client perspective the terrain was unknown, difficult to manage, and dangerous, that’s when Global Mountain Solutions (GMS) was recommended for the project. GMS specializes in accessing and working in difficult terrain safely in industry. The GMS staff are not only trained in mountain safety and rescue but also have a wide skill set within industry. From day one, GMS was able to integrate with the project team on the ground - surveying, drilling, coordinating, laying out and picking up recording equipment, etc.


Completing a terrain assessment is best practice when working and walking in rugged and/or steep terrain conditions while conducting seismic operations according to the Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors (CAGC). When GMS joined the project they initially completed a detailed terrain assessment which encompassed risk and mitigation plans. As the project progressed, more services were implemented including mountain safety training, surveying, providing rescue services including an advanced life support medic with field capabilities, and the creation and implementation of an Emergency Response Plan (ERP).


When GMS began with on the project, it was behind schedule and resources had been injured or were at risk of getting seriously injured. Through the team’s integration, incremental mountain safety education, surveying, and rescue services offered, the project as a whole was completed on schedule and with no LTI’s (lost time injuries).

GMS provided safety, industry specific skills, and rescue which created a safe work environment in mountainous terrain and helped create project efficiencies that allowed for the successful completion in early 2015. 

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