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CASE STUDY: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Global Mountain Solutions completed an in-depth terrain assessment and risk analysis for a telecommunications repeater located on the summit of a mountain at our clients mine. GMS also provided Facilitated Access, a Difficult Terrain Emergency Response Plan, Rescue, and  support for the radio technicians completing the required maintenance activities. This project was completed in Kyrgyzstan throughout 2015 and is expected to continue intermittently as required.

Client Type: Mining
What:  Telecommunications Repeater Access & Maintenance
Where: Kyrgyzstan
When: May 2015 - October 2015


  • Detailed Terrain Assessment
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Analysis
  • Avalanche/Snow Forecasting
  • Facilitated Access for Radio Technicians and Equipment
  • Maintenance Work Support
  • Ground Based Rescue


  • Provided safe access to the summit of the mountain where the telecommunications repeater is located
  • Increased level of safety
  • Increased efficiency of repeater maintenance by accessing/summiting the mountain effectively

Customer Needs

In today’s global market, communication is one of the most important tools used for successful businesses. The mine telecommunications repeater is located on the summit a mountain which stands almost 5000m. It is used for all inbound and outbound communications for their operations.

Each year in order to ensure that the telecommunications repeater is operating properly and remains in good condition, radio technicians need to summit the mountain to conduct regular maintenance and inspections. GMS was hired to conduct a detailed terrain and risk assessment of the mountain and the summit where the repeater lies. Part of the focus of this risk assessment was to determine the safest access route to repeater and determine if the risk could be mitigated to a level deemed acceptable by current industrial standards and best practices.


GMS completed a detailed terrain and risk assessment of  mountain and surrounding areas in order to obtain a concrete understanding of the terrain, weather conditions, potential issues, and risks. This was captured by closely assessing  the terrain, including all possible routes and their associated hazards. This was accompanied by complete and in-depth weather and snow analysis and forecasting. All of these finding were well documented with technical reports supported by the use of video and images.

As this location was also remote and challenging, GMS developed and implemented a Difficult Terrain Emergency Response Plan, which was put in place and maintained throughout the duration of all works in the mountainous area.

Once the risk assessment was completed, it was determined that the hazard mitigation strategies put forth by GMS brought the scope of work in-line with a level of risk well within the mines stringent risk tolerance.

GMS Mountain Safety Technicians provided facilitated access, risk management and rescue solutions for the radio technicians and mine operatives in order to obtain access to and complete the required maintenance and repair of the repeater. GMS managed all things related to the safe and efficient ascent and descent of the mountain, and  GMS also provided support and assistance to the radio technicians while completing maintenance work on the telecommunications.


GMS was able to safely and effectively guide the radio technicians to the summit of the mountain in order to successfully complete the required maintenance and conduct the appropriate inspections.

The work done by Global Mountain Solutions minimized the risk, mitigated hazards, and increased efficiency.

The detailed terrain and risk assessment completed for the telecommunications repeater is now a safe, efficient, and effective document that is being utilized going forward for future repeater maintenance plans.

An effective Emergency Response Plan was created to ensure timely egress in the event of an injury. This kind of document is incredibly important when working in such a remote worksite. 

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