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Hoisting Operations

Helicopter hoisting operations with civilian helicopters in Canada currently are limited to a few operators. Hoisting requires specialized equipment and extensive training to perform safe, efficient operations.  Exiting and entering a helicopter during flight obviously carries a high element of risk.  A key component for maximizing safety is ensuring a well-trained crew of pilots, hoist operators and down line technicians. 

Global Mountain Solutions (GMS), in partnership with Blackcomb Helicopters (BCH), offers hoisting operational capacity and training to users such as powerline workers and rescue technicians.    Blackcomb Helicopters is operating the Airbus EC 135T2+ equipped with a state of the art Goodrich hoist for these operations.  This aircraft, fully certified as a twin-engine Category A aircraft, is ideal for these types of operations.  The EC135T2+ has impressive performance as an intermediate helicopter, including its OEI performance (ability to fly away with only one engine).  The EC135 is also equipped with a factory dual hook system.   This makes that aircraft very versatile and ideally suited for both hoisting and CDFL operations for rescue and work access.



With safety as the overriding principle, GMS and BCH are working with the concept of dynamic hoisting.  Although this technique is common with specialized helicopter rescue operations in Europe, they are relatively infrequent in North America, with only a handful of operators proficient with these techniques. 

  • Dynamic hoisting requires lowering and raising technicians while the helicopter is in forward flight until over the target.   This increases safety by minimizing hover times. 
  • A strong crew concept is required and forms a significant part of the training curriculum. 
  • Precise and well practiced communications between the pilot, hoist operator and down-line technician is critical to safe efficient and effective operations. 
  • Precise checklists to ensure SOP's are followed accurately form a key component of the operations. 

GMS is also closely associated with civilian highly experienced helicopter hoisting operators in North America and in Europe and maintains these contact to ensure we continue to follow industry best practices.

Helicopter Hoisting Services Offered

  • Hoist operational training specific to the environment and client’s needs.
  • Developing standard operating procedures specific to client requirements.
  • Providing hoisting rescue technicians integrated with air carrier crew.