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Training Programs



Global Mountain Solutions provides in house training to workers that are exposed to and work within avalanche terrain. GMS staff are professional members of the Canadian Avalanche Association and are Industry Training Professionals that teach the most current and up to date curriculum set forth by the CAA. We can cater to your needs and build training programs that work with your schedule.

The typical Avalanche Awareness course is run over two days and covers the fundamentals of travelling in avalanche terrain and companion rescue. The course objectives include:

         ●  Basics of Avalanche Formation and Release
         ●  Identifying Avalanche Terrain
         ●  Planning, Techniques, and Execution through Avalanche Terrain
         ●  Use of the Avaluator 2.0 & Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (ATES)
         ●  Companion Rescue Execution
         ●  Understanding the Limits of Workers AVI Training


Resources available for Avalanche Forecasting, Ratings, Bulletins, and ATES Terrain 


For further information please feel free to contact our Avalanche Safety Division