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Avalanche Services 


Global Mountain Solutions is a leader in Mountain Safety services globally, our team has successfully completed remote projects in the most difficult environments. If you have winter operations and work in possible avalanche terrain then GMS is your solution for Mountain Safety. Our experienced staff can provide solutions to the most technical problems. From simple Avalanche Risk Assessments to setting up Avalanche Control Programs, GMS can provide safe and cost effective solutions for operations impacted by avalanche terrain.

GMS prides itself on offering the most feasible, cost effective, and unintrusive solutions to your avalanche hazards. 

Our Avalanche team has extensive avalanche experience through many different outlets including highly experienced members of the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA), the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG), Applied Snow and Avalanche Research (ASARC), and Level 3 Operations through the Canadian Avalanche Association. 

Marc Ledwidge: IFMGA, ACMG, Level 3 Operations CAA 

Marc has over 30 years’ experience in the avalanche industry in professional avalanche forecasting, control, safety planning, incident investigations, and rescue plans. He has extensive experience within Mountain National Parks highway and backcountry forecasting operations. As a member of the IFMGA, the current President of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, and has his level 3 Operations for the Canadian Avalanche Association, Marc is a subject matter expert within the avalanche industry.



GMS Operations Managers, IFMGA, ACMG, CAA 

All GMS resources have unique experience and backgrounds within the avalanche industry, each member has ample knowledge and certifications that allow GMS to be a leader within the avalanche industry. Our Operations Managers are all members of IFMGA, ACMG, and/or CAA with varying levels of Operations. All employees have experience through different facets including avalanche risk mitigation, forecasting, control, and safety programs.

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