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Seismic Mountaineers

Global Mountain Solutions seismic mountaineers operate in the world's most challenging environments, where careful planning, hard work and innovative problem solving achieve success. GMS's reputation is built on demanding mountain seismic projects completed on time and on budget. We not only keep people and equipment safe but we add to the operational efficiency of your program. If you need to move people, equipment or have rescue capabilities for hazardous terrain we can meet your needs. We get the job done.

Helicopter Long Line Rescue

GMS can provide helicopter long line rescue (Commonly referred to as " HETS" or "CDFL" or Short Haul Rescue). GMS helicopter sling rescue programs can offer many advantages over traditional land based rescue remote and/or high angle terrain, under appropriate conditions. If you have a helicopter on site and you need the fastest, safest most effective way of transporting an injured worker, this is your solution. All of GMS’ seismic mountaineers are certified in HETS. GMS is proud to employ Marc Ledwidge as our HEC program manager to ensure the highest quality.

Avalanche Services

For over ten years, GMS has been a leader in Mountain Safety across the world. Our team has successfully completed remote projects in the most difficult environments possible. If you have an operation in a winter environment and think you may be at risk, then GMS is your turn key solution for Mountain Safety. From a simple Avalanche Risk Assessment, to find out if or what is your avalanche risk, to setting up and operating an Avalanche Control Program, GMS can provide safe, cost effective and hassle free solutions. In addition to our highly skilled and experienced snow avalanche professionals.


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Shea Irving, Westpark Electric Ltd.

"I am so pleased with the job the crew is doing. I am really impressed by the level of professionalism and diligence with zero delays to the work being done. Feedback from all levels has been really positive. It has been a huge relief on my end to have such reliable help with this portion of the project".

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