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Terms Beginning with M

Mechanical Advantage

Mechanical advantage is a measure of the force amplification of a tool or system usually expressed as a ratio of power out to power in (Po:Pi). Mechanical advantage systems are commonly used in rigging, rope access and rope rescue systems.

Medical Director

The GMS medical director is a physician who provides leadership, guidance, oversight and quality assurance for the practice of GMS technicians and Mountain Medics providing emergency medicine on job sites worldwide. He is a practicing physician with extensive experience providing emergency medical services both in a clinical setting and in the mountain environment. 


Meshing is a term used to describe the installation of drape meshing for rock slope stabilization purposes. Drape meshing is used to both hinder and slow and potential rock fall from a slope, directing it safely into a catchment zone at the base of the cliff face.

See also: Rockworks 

Mountain Medic / Nurse / Physician

A GMS Mountain medic is a certified Emergency Medical Technician, or nurse, or physician (Certifications and terminology vary by jurisdiction and jobsite requirements.) who also possess the skills, experience and specialised medical and mountain travel equipment to quickly access and provide care to patients in remote and rugged mountainous terrain.  Mountain Medics are trained and certified within their respective state, province or country to provide emergency medical services under the oversight of Global Mountain Solutions medical director, who is a practicing physician. 

Mountain Rescue

Mountain rescue is the act of safely and efficiently extracting an injured person from difficult or seemingly inaccessible mountain terrain. It involves the movement of personnel and resources to render first aid and emergency medical services to the injured patient and then safely moving them to a location where conventional medical resources can be reached. Global Mountain Solutions extensive experience in mountain rescue allows us to provide both ground based mountain rescue and CDFL or helicopter long line rescue services.  

See also: Ground Rescue, CDFL

Mountain Safety Awareness Training

Mountain safety awareness training is a training program provided by Global Mountain Solutions (GMS) mountain safety professionals which is aimed at worker awareness, recognition and preparation for hazards, personal protective equipment and mitigation techniques specific to the mountain environment. The training consists of both classroom and field components which are tailored to the specific needs and hazards of the jobsite. Mountain Safety Awareness training has proven to be successful in increasing worker safety and efficiency by preparing them for the challenges of working in a mountain environment.


The MPD (Multi-Purpose Device) is a rope rescue tool manufactured by CMC Rescue. It consists of a high efficiency pulley and integral rope-grab mechanism. The MPD can be used as the progress capture in a hauling system, the descent control device in a lower or as a belay device on a back up line.