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Terms Beginning with K

Kernmantle Rope

A rope consisting of an internal load bearing core enclosed within a separate braided sheath. Kernmantle ropes can be described as Static, Low stretch or Dynamic


kN is a metric measure of force.  kN is used to refer to one kilo (k)  Newton (N) or one thousand Newtons of force applied to an object (1 kN = 1000 N). kN is often used in strength ratings of equipment, anchorages, as well as maximum forces obtained by shock absorbing lanyards. For reference 1 kN = 224.81 lbf

Kootenay Highline

A Kootenay Highline System (KHS) is technique for rigging highlines or guidelines used in rope rescue and rope access systems to move people and equipment large horizontal distances. In a KHS the load is supported and travels along a tensioned track line while the belay is accomplished by two tag lines attached to the system. This allows the load to be moved by operators located at the anchorages making it ideal for moving equipment or for rescuing an incapacitated worker.