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Hazard (Avalanche)

Avalanche hazard also sometimes referred to as Avalanche Danger is the potential for an avalanche to cause damage to something of value. it is a function of the likelihood of an avalanche being triggered by a worker, naturally, or by other means and the destructive size of the avalanche(s) that will occur if it is triggered.  Avalanche hazard is determined by an avalanche forecaster and is usually expressed using relative terms such as low, moderate, considerable and high. Avalanche Hazard is highly time dependant and will vary from day to day as weather conditions change and a given snowpack evolves, therefore it is crucial to have a recent and relevant estimate of the avalanche hazard for a given work site. Avalanche hazard is a crucial variable needed to determine the Avalanche Risk and so is a crucial variable needed for the daily risk assessment. 

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