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Terms Beginning with H

HAC (Helicopter Association of Canada)

The Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC) an organization which promotes a political and regulatory environment that will foster a prosperous Canadian Helicopter industry, educates members, civil servants, and the general public about issues important to the industry; promotes the continued enhancement of flight safety; develops utilization of helicopter transport at all levels of Canadian life; and; promotes the exchange of maintenance practices and common issues among members. 


A hazard is any source of potential damage, harm or adverse health effects on something or someone under certain conditions at work. A hazard combined with an assets vulnerability works to create risk of harm to that asset. see Risk. 

Hazard Analysis

The Hazard analysis is a written document prepared by GMS which identifies hazards, and the hazard mitigation methods for relevant jobs, tasks or techniques.The Hazard analysis is a living document which is continuously updated as conditions dictate or as tasks change. Usually this document is a component of the Access work plan or avalanche safety plan. 

See also: Hazard analysis. Hazard (Avalanche).

Hazard (Avalanche)

Avalanche hazard also sometimes referred to as Avalanche Danger is the potential for an avalanche to cause damage to something of value. it is a function of the likelihood of an avalanche being triggered by a worker, naturally, or by other means and the destructive size of the avalanche(s) that will occur if it is triggered.  Avalanche hazard is determined by an avalanche forecaster and is usually expressed using relative terms such as low, moderate, considerable and high. Avalanche Hazard is highly time dependant and will vary from day to day as weather conditions change and a given snowpack evolves, therefore it is crucial to have a recent and relevant estimate of the avalanche hazard for a given work site. Avalanche hazard is a crucial variable needed to determine the Avalanche Risk and so is a crucial variable needed for the daily risk assessment. 

See also: Hazard

Hazard zone

Any area where a worker may be at risk as a result of the work being performed. These areas are to be identified as part of the hazard analysis/ risk assessment and all workers must be aware of the locations of hazard zones. Maps, barricades, flagging or verbal warnings may be used to alert workers to the locations of hazard zones.


HETS stands for Helicopter External Transport System and is another name for CDFL of helicopter long line rescue.


Human Factors

Human Factors are hazards or potential hazards that result from the way that workers interact with the environment of the jobsite. Human factors come from physical and psychological sources. Consideration of human factors must be taken into account in the job site hazard analysis to ensure a safe and efficient work site.