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Terms Beginning with F

Facilitated Access

Facilitated Access is the safe movement of people, equipment, and infastructure through potentially hazardous. Global Mountain Solutions (GMS) utilizes  as a risk management tool that allows specialized workers safe access to hazardous work sites. GMS’s certified professionals use rope access and mountain guiding techniques to safely and efficiently move workers through hazardous environments. Examples of locations where facilitated access may be employed are: High angle terrain, confined spaces, glaciated or snow covered landscapes, remote locations, towers, bridges or other structures with challenging access problems. 

Fall Factor

The Fall Factor can be defined as the length of fall divided by the length of available rope or lanyard. For example: A two foot fall onto a four foot lanyard is a factor one half (F0.5) fall.  Fall Factor is considered in the design of fall protection systems because the maximum potential fall factor is an important variable used to determine forces that could be exerted on the system and also the worker. 

Fall Protection

Fall protection is a term used to refer to a system designed to protect a worker who is exposed to a dangerous fall hazard. Fall protection generally comes in two broad forms: Fall Restraint and Fall arrest systems. These systems generally consists of a harness which is worn by the worker and then attached to an anchorage by a lanyard. Fall Restraint systems are designed to prevent a worker from reaching a location where a dangerous fall could occur. Fall Arrest systems allow for the maximum freedom of movement for workers allowing them to reach areas where a fall could occur. Fall arrest systems are designed to arrest the fall of the worker by dynamically absorbing the energy of the falling worker before they collide with the ground or other objects. The correct utilization of fall protection equipment requires worker training and any fall protection system must be installed, maintained and inspected by qualified personnel.