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Terms Beginning with B

Backup device (Rope access)

The backup device used in rope access is used on a secondary life safety rope and functions to arrest the fall of a rope access worker in the unlikely event of primary line failure. The design of the backup device is such that it will limit the forces on a falling worker through an energy absorption system.

Beacon (Avalanche)

Avalanche transceivers or avalanche beacons are a specialized type of active radio specialized for the purpose of finding people or equipment buried under snow. Transceivers operate at 457 kHz and have the ability to both send and receive a signal. Transceivers are worn by the worker close to the body in a closed pocket or specialised harness and are left operating in the send mode whenever a worker is exposed to an avalanche hazard. These devices are a standard piece of safety equipment for anyone in avalanche terrain as they allow for the rapid location and rescue of a worker in an emergency when used in conjunction with a avalanche shovel and avalanche probe.

see also. Transceiver (avalanche), avalanche shovel, avalanche probe.


An active system operated by another worker for the purpose of arresting or preventing a fall of a fellow worker.

Blasting (Avalanche)

Avalanche blasting is a form of active avalanche control used to initiate avalanches and remove cornices in a controlled manner. Explosives may be hand placed, delivered by helicopter, or launched to their targets as projectiles. Avalanche blasting is a very efficient and effective tool to mitigate avalanche hazard when incorporated in an effective avalanche control program.

Blasting (Rockworks)

Blasting is utilized for a variety of tasks on rock work projects. Following an in depth geotechnical analysis of the project a variety of techniques can be applied depending on the desired effect. Blasting is done to remove sections of unstable rock from a rock slope, to alter the shape of a rock slope, and a range of other uses.