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Integration of Multiple Expert Service Lines Creates Better Value for Clients

As project manager’s know, sourcing, selecting, hiring and managing subs to fulfill the necessary requirements of any project can be a very time consuming process. With all these different companies, it can be difficult to foster and maintain the relationships.

There is real advantage to companies that are skilled in multiple aspects of the project and that are able to integrate several service lines into one easy to manage package. Additionally, PM’s save a great deal of time by only having to work and communicate with one company, not to mention the cost savings associated by using a one provider.

Global Mountain Solutions and Global Rope Access offers a highly diversified but relative service line that will easily integrate into projects. This is particularly useful when your project has multiple phases or tasks to be performed. Maintaining continuity throughout the project minimizes costs, and reduces time and logistics spent on training and inducting new staff.  This makes things simpler by having resources that are familiar with the goals and objectives throughout the entirety of the project. These resources are able to look ahead to understand the most efficient, effective, and safest way to complete the project.

Global Rope Access is a great example of integrating multiple service lines, GRA specializes in rope access but that is simply the way we approach completing our work.  GRA staff are skilled tradespeople with a full offering of services such as NDT, Pipefitting, Welding Rock scaling, and Drilling and we complete these activities using rope access.

A recent GMS project is a great example of the benefit of integrating service lines. This job was highly technical, in rough mountainous terrain with difficult access, and near impossible rescue egress with traditional methods. In order to access the site Helicopters would be used, however there was nowhere to land them. Various trades would need to pass through the terrain at different points, each to accomplish a different goal. And for all this, a solid, reliable rescue program would need to be in place. GMS technicians were able to easily fulfill all the requirements of each aspect and phase of the job. Access was created, helipads were located and built, all trades were moved safely and efficiently through the terrain, and an efficient and effective ERP and rescue program was put into places utilizing CDFL or helicopter longline rescue.

For this project GMS provided Mountain Safety, Terrain Management, Facilitated Access, Rope Access, and Slope Stabilization services along with Rescue. The client was extremely happy with all services provided, the cost savings and efficiencies created by GMS resources, and the fact that they only had to deal with one company for all Mountain/Rescue related services.

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