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Engineering and Consulting

Understanding the risks associated with snow avalanches is critical to ensure safe operations in winter environments. Our Engineers & Avalanche experts understand the requirements of properly addressing operations within avalanche terrain.

In order to address avalanche hazards, risks are first identified with an Avalanche Risk Assessment. When appropriate, the risk assessment produces detailed Avalanche Hazard Mapping clearly identifying the size and frequency of potential avalanches in the workplace. Once the risks have been thoroughly identified, options for mitigation are provided. The combination of the risk assessment and mitigation strategies results in an Avalanche Safety Plan that will effectively reduce risk in winter environments. GMS has the avalanche professionals and engineers to provide these solutions to the client.

Specific Engineering Services:

         -  Avalanche Risk Assessments
         -  Avalanche Safety Plan Development and Implementation
         -  Avalanche Hazard Mapping (GIS)
         -  Risk Mitigation Strategies
         -  Runout Modelling and Prediction
         -  Impact Force Estimations
         -  Dendrochronology and Geomorphology
-   Land Use Zoning in Avalanche Terrain 

Mapping and GIS

Avalanche Mapping allows stakeholders to fully understand how operations are affected by the surrounding terrain. Within our Avalanche Mapping Services avalanche prone areas, zone of effect and frequency are included. By using the latest in GIS (Graphical Information System) mapping to outline the avalanche risk in a given area, operators are better informed as how to identify and deal with potential avalanche hazards. 
Early recognition of problem areas that are caused by avalanche terrain can increase worker safety and lead to a more cost effective operation.There are many solutions available to ensure a productive operation in the face of even the most challenging avalanche problems but the first step is early recognition and fully comprehending the issues at hand.