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About Us

Global Mountain Solutions is a world leader in mountain safety services, with seasoned and internationally accredited technicians and a wide range of services and skill sets to meet the needs of our clients.

We have a proven international track record & continue to set the highest standards for comprehensive training programs, professional certification, industry professionalism & client services.


Managing risk is our business

All GMS technicians hold certification through a variety of professional mountain guiding and risk management organizations including the following: 

Ben Firth B.Sc IFMGA - Operations Director - Ben is the co-founder of GMS along with Sean Easton. Ben started GMS in the spring of 2008 and now runs GMS' head office in Canmore Alberta. He is a IFMGA mountain guide, SPRAT 3 rope access technician and Helicopter longline rescue instructor. He also has a B.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Calgary. He has project managed dozens of remote mountain safety seismic jobs globally and in 2011 Ben was awarded the Leiutentant Governers life saving award. Bens passion is for bringing the long history of mountain knowledge and safety to the industrial world. "Our staff and culture is one of a highly motivated and passionate people. They will succeed under the most enduring conditions."

Sean Easton IFMGA - Business Director - Sean is a co-founder of GMS. A certified IFMGA/ACMG Mountain Guide, SPRAT Level 3 technician, Search & Rescue Technician and Project Manager. Sean brings decades of experience as a mountain safety and rescue professional, and extensive business development expertise.


Marc Ledwidge IFMGA - HEC Program Manager - Marc is an IFMGA certified mountain guide with 30 years of experience in professional mountain rescue and safety with Parks Canada. He is a Canadian subject matter expert in the field of helicopter rescue and Class D (HETS) operations. He spent 14 years as the Canadian delegate to the International Commission for Alpine Rescue with the last five as vice-president of the Air Rescue Commission. He currently is serving as the President of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. Marc has recently joined GMS to lead the helicopter long line rescue program.

Jeff Relph IFMGA - Operations Manager - Jeff has been a professional in Mountain Safety and risk management since 2000 working in both the industrial and recreation/tourism sectors. His professional and personal mountain experience is vast and has taken him to many mountain ranges both in North America and abroad. He has extensive experience in mountain safety for seismic operations and other industrial applications, and has been active and current in helicopter long line rescue operations for over a decade.

Tim Ricci ACMG CAA Level 3 - Operations Manager - Tim has dedicated the past 16 years of his life to becoming a well rounded Mountain Rescue technician. Tim has been an avalanche forecaster at several large ski hill operations and graduated the Applied Avalanche Risk Management level 3 program in 2012. He has a strong passion for education as an instructor and education committee member with the CAA.

Graham Tutt ACMG CAA - Operations Manager - Graham recently joined GMS' management team with close to two decades of operational project management experience on many remote seismic jobs, all over the globe. Graham brings a wide skill set to this management position. He is an ACMG guide, Helicopter pilot, CAA avalanche professional and Helicopter sling rescue instructor.

John ‘Jay’ Mathers, DO - Medical Director - Jay graduated from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. Prior to medical school, he worked for the Colorado Outward Bound School teaching mountaineering/technical climbing courses and working as a ski patrolman for the Telluride Ski Patrol. In 1999, he worked his first VIP patrol with the Denali National Park Service at the 14200’ camp doing mountain rescue work for the park. After this he participated in two more patrols, one in 2000, and then in 2005 as a 4th year medical student.  He currently works in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Animas Surgical Hospital in Durango, CO and is the Medical Director for Archuleta County Search and Rescue.